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Firmware Update 18 Nov

Mine turned to black screen in middle and wouldn't turn on. When I hit power the lights on keyboard would turn on. I went to MS support site and the chat screen and they had me attempt thin g like hold power with Volume up for 30 seconds but nothing. The sent me a mailing slip and i Fedex'd (overnight) to Texas this AM. They said 5 ot 8 business days hopefully get before Thanksgiving. It was an i5/8 gb/256/DGP
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Since installing the latest firmware update and Microsoft cumulative updates yesterday, when I reattach the "clipboard" into the keyboard dock, it properly shifts into desktop mode but then quickly reverts back to tablet mode on its own. Does anyone know what's causing this or is anyone else experiencing this issue?
My i5 has had the entire taskbar blackout now and act like I was trying to minimize/max Windows that weren't even there. Also, while docked after an hour, it sleeps (normal). When it wakes from sleep the screen only shows on the SP4 and not my monitor. Only a reboot fixes it.

Sad panda.
It's all anecdotal for me, but it "feels" more stable so far for me... Not as many slowdowns and no BSODs yet (knock on virtual wood).
I don't know why you wouldn't...But you do know that you have to turn it on, right? In case you don't, follow these steps: (1) go to all settings; (2) then to Accounts; (3) then sign-in options; and (4) go to the Windows Hello icon.
Seems that I only got it today with the second Firmware Update (it installed Nov. 2's update yesterday and today the one from yesterday). Works now :)
I still get the strange color shift when using the edge browser. One time so far my screen went black (but at full brightness if that makes sense). Locking the computer and unlocking it multiple times brought the screen back.
I still can't use two DP monitors, will only recognize one DP monitor at a time. Have to have one connected via Mini DP to DP and the other Mini DP to VGA.
This morning, it woke from sleep again.

But just a few seconds ago, as I paged back to Page 2 of this thread and scrolled down, that's when I got the Display Driver error.

When it woke from sleep today, though, the external monitors remained off/unrecognized; I had to power them off and then on again for output to be restored. Once restored, I had to fix the taskbar height on my main monitor and SB.

Yesterday morning, I only had to adjust the taskbar height on my main display but what was different this morning was the Desktop text size for icon names was larger than normal (i.e., incorrect scaling). Usually when that happened in the past (prior to the firmware update), it meant that all my text scaling were incorrect (i.e., window menus, etc.) which necessitated a logout/login to fix.

But not today. I only noticed the Desktop text issue, but menus and other text had the correct scaling. I don't use the Desktop to store icons, so this is not a showstopper for me; I only noticed the issue because one app that I have forces an icon onto the Desktop.

One other anomaly that happened yesterday and repeated today was all displays blanking out. In both cases, I undocked and the SB screen came back and then re-docking correctly re-enabled the external monitors with their correct configurations.

Even with the above, so far I have seen a significant improvement in the stability/reliability of my SB--especially with my external monitors. This is not just due to the firmware update because I noticed some improves also after the hardware update last week.