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Firmware Update 2 Dec


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Another firmware update just dropped. Hope it fixes all outstanding issues.

Download and installed successfully for me.


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Working okay so far with new display driver:
11/20/2015 Version

Surface Book i7 512

Screenshot (106).png


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Well, it appears that this update has effectively disabled my GPU...

It doesn't show up in device manager, you have to show hidden devices for it to appear, and then it says that this device isn't connected to your computer and says "Code 45"

Can someone else with a GPU check and see if theirs is working as normal?


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OK - update - detaching and re-attaching the tablet from the base fixed the issue.

Now showing up and says it's working normally.


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Let's see what happens over the next couple of days when I wake from sleep to see if I see any improvements.



BSOD while installing the updates. When I was back up and running I got the notice that some updates had failed to install "click on this notice to see why". Click on the notice and it simply brings up the updates window which says that I'm up to date. Go to "view update history" and both of the recent updates (cumulative Win 10 update and the 12/2 hardware update) are listed as "requires restart to finish installing". I've restarted and nothing (else) installs. :(