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Using the camera with a domain account


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All of the apps need a Windows account to launch but we are not doing that with our users they are all on a domain. So I need to figure out how I can use the camera seamlessly without the app. Anyone know of a good program? I downloaded yawcam but, that seems to tedious for my end users.
You can associate a Domain Account with a Microsoft Account from the Modern UI Control Panel/Users...Also you should be able to use the built in App without a Microsoft Account.
We don't want to create MS accounts for our users. You can not use the app without an account confirmed and tested.
I just used the built in camera app using a local account with out prompting me to associate to a Microsoft Account.
This was on a Samsung S7 Tablet that I have in my Office...I keep it around for testing Windows 8 as all of my personal machines are running 8.1, have you messed around with UAC or the Firewall? As Modern UI apps will not run if UAC and/or the Firewall is turned off. Also have you run the updates?
Windows 8, as it stands, is a terrible Enterprise OS, at least from the Modern UI standpoint. I don't think they really even thought that ANYONE would take it seriously as one. There is a MS shaped hole in the wall left when they decided to go chasing after the Apple business model. Windows 7 is on support until at least 2020. Why would anyone in a large or even small enterprise go through all the trouble?
Most recently finished or are still in the process of Migrating to Windows 7. Vista left many IT org's burned forever where MS is concerned.