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Cannot access Admin account


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Hi guys,

I need some help here.

I just bought my new Surface. I set it up with 2 user accounts. I "enabled" the Admin account so that I would have access to it, but then decided I didn't want the Admin account visible on the start-up screen. So I went back and "disabled" the account.

But now, I cannot re-activate it. Every time I try to enable it again, I'm told I do not have permission to do so because my user account does not have Admin access.

Any idea how I can fix this?

From Desktop open File Explorer> open the "Windows" folder > in Search type lusrmgr.msc
Select then tap track pad with two fingers > select "Run as Administrator from Menu" Launch
Double click "Administrator" on the General tab remove check from "Account is disabled".
Click OK.
Close "Properties widow > now with the Administrator (pointer on Administrator) line selected tap track pad with two fingers > from the menu select "Set Password"
In lusrmgr.msc you should be able to select your own account and give yourself Administrative rights on the Member Of tab.

Hope this helps
The method I just posted is fairly complex. The simplest way is to open the Charm Bar > tap Settings > Tap "Change PC Settings"
When it opens tap the "Genral" option > Scroll to "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" . MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKED UP ANY FILES YOU HAVE SAVED. This option wipes everything. It Resets to factory settings. Your choice both should work.