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Resolution Full Screen problem while gaming


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I have encountered a problem several times where a game I want to play, if I do not play it in native resolution, the screen is shrank (even though ts full screen). We all know the surface pro 2 can play games, but its hard t top resolution... anyone has a workaround for this? if is there a windows or launch setting i need to trigger?
Hmm, are you certain the games are being run full screen and not windowed? Also, which games are you experiencing this problem with?
Pocho, that works... but should i really be changing the desktop resolution every time I play a game? If it is, thats ok, but i never have to do that in any of my other pc's. its like windows is disabling resolution screen scaling
It's a problem with the video driver. It's common, if you search the forum. There are some solutions, like changing the resolution before playing or using scaling if the game supports, like in Battlefield 4. Some games play fine, like Starcraft II, at 720p.
ahh, so its a known issue... good to know.. thanks.

Also wondering, would downloading the drivers from intel fix this?
It fixes in some games, but not others. It hasn't fixed it for me. That's why I use Scaling in BF4, which works great. Basically you set the resolution to 1920x1080, then change the scaling to 65% to fill screen.
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ahh, so its a known issue... good to know.. thanks.

Also wondering, would downloading the drivers from intel fix this?

The problem is Intel drivers. Not the Surface itself.
It's nothing new for Intel drivers. It's one of the many issues and limitation of it. Intel gives you a free graphic solution. And that is how they treat it, and you should to. They are not great, they don't support fully DirectX and OpenGl (hence why you have games that crashes a lot), its not great in multiple monitor even for office work, struggles with 1080p HD videos, and not efficient. It's free.

Sadly, manufactures sees it as a free GPU, and as the consumer sees it as good enough, so there is no push for implementing dedicated GPU's, therefore Nvidia and AMD doesn't recall put any focus on ultra low power mobile GPU's, they focus on gaming laptop GPU's, and in the case of Nvidia, its Tegra chip.

All to say, is that this system is not a gaming machine. It's designed for office work.
But you should be able to handle games at 1080p at low settings, well many games. Civ 5 runs smoothly at 1080p at medium settings on my side.
On some games forcing directx 9 will make them full screen in any resolution. it seems to be the directx 10/11 games that have the problem, intel has known about this long enough, they need their heads testing.