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Return to the desktop after closing program


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Is there a quick way to return to the desktop if that's where you were when you launched a program and close it? For example, several times now I have been in the desktop and tapped on a .pdf or .jpg. The metro apps for these files opens and displays them. I then hit escape or swipe from the top and the app will close but it returns me to the start screen, not the desktop. Is there a simple keystroke or gesture that I'm not aware of to do this?


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Yes, you can hit the Window key to return to the previous app or you can pause 1 second after closing the app and then swipe from the left edge in (the multi-task swipe) to return to the previous app. Waiting 1 second between swipes toggles between the two recent apps while swiping continuously without the one second pause cycles through all open apps.


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it seems the the new Stardock app might be what you need. Modernmix - get the free beta at stardock.com - because it runs everything - metro apps from the desktop it will keep you in desktop. I would jump on the stardock forum for info. seems good so far. I prefer the modern apps but you can do a lot with the Mmix options on desktop.