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Rugged Case for Surface Pro


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I ordered 2 Surface Pro 3's (1x i5 and 1x i7) and 1 Surface Pro 2 for use in a distribution center (warehouse). 1 of the Surface Pro 3's will not be used on the floor; it is used by administration/office worker and does not require a rugged case.

I ordered the UAG case for the Surface Pro 2, and I have been hoping that they would soon release one for the 3 (I emailed the company and they said that they do plan on releasing one for it, but no ETA).

I need something in the meantime as we are getting ready to deploy it for use in the warehouse. I have 3-year accidental damage on it from MS, so if it's not as rugged as I'd like it to be and it breaks from a drop, it isn't that big a deal. But I haven't been able to find anything. I've been searching like crazy and just can't come up with anything that will suit our needs, even if temporary until more rugged accessories are released since they are so new. I knew that I might not be able to find one right away, but I was hopeful.

Any suggestions?
I found this Rugged case on the web.
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