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Surface Pro 3 i5 4gb vs 8 gb (Student work (Java?) + League of Legends)


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I will like to know if my sp3 is Miracast or Widi compatible, what's the difference between both and what receiver will you suggest to get?


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I have played LoL on my i7 and it runs quite well. I do play with it plugged in though. I have also played other games such as Path of Exile and Portal 2. It performs exceptionally as a student device as well. I went through 7 different laptops before I found the SP3. For my use case, it was the only true solution.


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Hey, it's me again.
Will it be possible to do Java programming on a surface Pro? :)
I don't see why not as long as you don't have any qualms with opening it up to the largest set of vulnerabilities of any software on the planet. :)


I'm doing my python programming on my i3. So far no problems. I don't use my Sp3 to write down notes though. I still prefer paper because I am from a different generation. But I do store the lecture powerpoints on it so I can view it anytime.

I haven't played games on it yet because I seldom play PC games...I'm a console person. Though I have seen someone in youtube test skyrim on an i3 version