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Samsung commercial misses


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Anyone else see the latest Samsung "I can multi-task in split screen" commercial? The iPad users are like "mine cannot do that" and the Kindle users are like "mine cannot do that either." Then they take a jab at the Surface, "excuse me sir, can you please move your laptop?" "Well it does have a power dock and a keyboard and a mouse...". They of course fail to mention that those are all accessories you can choose to use.

Just kind of rubs me the wrong way because both 8 and RT can do the split screen great. Just wanted to vent. Pick on the surface for a legitimate reason, like we don't have an app for that yet.


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All the "anti" competition television commercials are like political ads (biased, missing information, etc.) so I just don't bother with them. I find them all generally insulting to one's intelligence...

Just tell me what your product can do and try to sell it to me on its own merits. Anything beyond that and the ad loses credibility. (I felt the same way with the anti-ipad ads by MS. Wrong tack to take, just show off the damn product.)


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Agree completely with oion. I might be a complete hypocrite as Microsoft does absolutely
the same thing with their ads, but I really wish MS trashes the galaxy.

The dislikes are mounting up on the video, but I guess that's what happens when you trash every
other fanbase there is. Oh and here's the ad:


This ad is something that would only appeal to the people who the ad makes fun of.
Update: What is a battery dock?
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But then again, that's just Marketing. You always see fine print such as, "screen images simulated," "sequences shortened," etc., all in an effort to showcase a product and how it is superior to its competition. The vast--if not all--companies are guilty of this type of advertising.

For me, though, I will offer a different take on the commercial: The fact that the Surface was mentioned at all means that Samsung sees it as a competitor. That's a good thing: More publicity! Unless, of course, Microsoft doesn't fire back and defend its device.


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I'm sorry but that little attempt at a shot at the Surface was a TOTAL fail IMO... first off you can use the Surface without a keyboard or mouse and the fact that you can use these things is a bonus! also these things can also be used on the galaxy last I heard, and if now you can't then that isn't anything to brag about lol


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Well this ad didn't really go for the hard facts.
It really looks like this commercial was written by a bitter samsung fan.


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Unfortunately the general public doesn't know (or really care) about all the real facts, and Samsung is cooler than Microsoft, right?

So this'll still probably have the desired effect for them... and all we can do is sit here and grumble I'm afraid!
I think it was a cute commercial and made me chuckle. Every ad that includes references to the competition obviously puts the competition in the worst possible light... even if it is barely truthful. They're all guilty, including Microsoft. I found Microsoft's metrosexual-hipsters-prancing-around-swapping-type-covers Surface commercial far more offensive.
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