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saving email attachment to picture folder


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just bought a surface rt and love it - but still working things out. i have set up my mail account and want to transfer photo attachment on one of my emails to the picture folder. normally this is easy on full windows, but cant seem to be able to do this on surface - what am i doing wrong? also does anyone know if i can transfer my contacts from a samsung android phone to the surface? any suggestions on one or both would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
Is the folder the default save point?

Your Samsung is Android? Yes, you can.
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Welcome! To save your attachments, open the email, download the images, tap & hold the image thumbnail and select save. You can choose where to save to by navigating via the file save window that opens. Easiest way is tap on the "Files" in the upper left and choose you preferred location from the list. This can be local on the device, on the SD card, SkyDrive, or any network drive you have Mapped to your Surface. As for your Android contacts they will be stored on Google Contacts associated with the Gmail account you have setup on your phone. Do you have your Gmail account attached to the People Hip? To check and attach if necessary, open the People Hub, open the Charms Bar (swipe from the right), select Settings, and Accounts. There you should see your Gmail account listed, if not add it to the attached accounts. Hope this helps!