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SB Does Not "Wake" When Opening Keyboard After Long Period of Sleep


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I am not sure if this is the way it is supposed to work, but my SB will only 'wake' after a prolonged period of sleep after I press the Power button.

Shouldn't it wake up as soon as I open it up, or is there a setting I can use to make it work as such?

Thanks for any feedback.


SB will wake from opening lid only if it is asleep; if it is hibernating you will need to press the Power button. Depends on your settings: if you have the default setting then it will go to sleep if you close the lid, but will then hibernate after 60-120 minutes. You can change this in the Power settings...


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I haven't changed the default settings that it's shipped with.

I loose about 5-10% power overnight. Is that too much?

If yes, what is normal?

Wayne Orwig

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Mine does the same. It used to wake up from sleep when I opened it up. Now, after it has been asleep for a LONG time, like 4 hours, it appears to do a full shutdown. Then I have to press the power button to power it up. It started doing this a couple of months back when there was a firmware update.
It isn't enough of a problem for me to spend much time looking for a fix. Plus it saves battery in the long run. It just isn't right.