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Solved Sleep on Lid Close, But No Wake On Lid Open


The header says it; my Surface Book will happily go to Sleep, and stay asleep, when I close the lid. Excellent.

But it won't wake up on opening the lid, which I fully expected, and which would be highly convenient - I have to press the Power button.

Is this normal, expected, fixable?

I am assuming that you have the default settings for sleep-hibernate. The default setting is that the pc will go to hibernation after 120minutes. So if you keep the lid closed for over that period the SB will go from sleep to hibernate automatically.
This is what I started wondering when I came across the same issue and I believe this is the reason why. Again this is my opinion, but it seems to be the most logical thing for me I can't explain it otherwise!


You're right. I disabled 'Hibernate after xx mins' and this morning it worked straight from a lid opening. Thanks.