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New surface pro 4 creak in bottom left of device and screen discoloration when screen pressed hard.


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Hey guys just opened up the new surface pro 4 I bought yesterday. The only thing I'm noticing so far is that when I press slightly hard in the bottom left corner of the device I hear creaking/click noise. And it occurs every time I press there with a little pressure. I'm wondering if that's normal. I'm also noticing when I press down with a little Force anywhere on the screen there is a little discoloration that appears on it until I release the pressure is this normal? I do have some light bleed in the upper portion but that may be normal with lcd's. Is this normal or should I go ahead and return before the sales are over.

Link to video showing sound and screen discoloration :

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Most definitely not. You can press anywhere.. no noise. You should,t be pressing hard however.
It's on the bottom left corner. Did you try it? The other corners don't make a noise. They are both the same lot number however.

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I would suspect that the creak would decrease with time. Keeping the device warm will likely make all the glue adhere better. You may try placing the SP4 in a blanket or towel while charging, which will warm up the device. Then when the device is warm, tap around the screen carefully but rather firmly to make sure the glue adheres well. This will likely improve the situation.

.If I were you, I would not exchange again, unless I did it in person and could test the replacement device before accepting.