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Screen Bleed on Surface Book? Also a question about cleaning the screen.


Hello Everyone,

I was just curious about a subject. In SP4 forums I always read about screen bleed issues. I have a SB, and I don't have any screen bleed issues, I didn't read a lot about SB screen bleed, it means that there are less to none screen bleeding in Surface Book? Why would two displays created by the same company be different? It is weird.. I was asking this because may be I will buy also a SP4.

One more question, I have a Macbook Pro Cleaning kit with a spray, done by apple, that I use on my screen (spraying on the microfiber cloth, not on the screen directly) , I was curious If it would be harmful if I use it on the SB?

Thank you in advance,


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The screen bleed problems seem to have happened mostly randomly, and due to manufacturing. Relatively few problems with the Surface a Book or Surface Pro 4, fortunately.

Use the same materials you used to clean your Apple with your new shiny fruit. I also avoid spraying, mostly because micro moisture droplets may be sucked into your machine by the fan. Not a big deal, probably, but just prudent.

Use almost no pressure when wiping. Keep a soft touch. Might take a bit longer, but avoid any scrubbing or pushing. If you are in a dusty environment, or have used your book traveling or out-of-doors, a fine grit is likely coating the glass. Pressure can make micro-scratches, in time, giving glass a more frosty look.

I like lens wipe towelettes for cleaning of the glass, keyboard, touchpad, mouse, and eyeglasses. By the time I'm finished, fingers are quite clean as well. :)


Thank you very very much for your informative reply! :)

Ok then I will happily clean it with the ones that I have because when I clean it just with the cloth, I can still see the marks of my writing on the screen from the hand oil I guess! LOL Unfortunately I dont have lens wipe towelettes, I use my glasses only when I drive, and I dont clean them till I cant see from them haha. :D

Thank you!