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Screen stays black after update...

Unfortunately it didn't help me :-( Mine now has a black screen again and this time it did not help to connect an external screen :-(
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I'm having the same problem after trying to update Java as I was getting a prompt to do so when trying to remote desktop to work through Citrix. I'm really not keen on reinstalling as I've never had to attempt this before. When I got my Surface last year, they set up a USB with Windows for just such a purpose so I guess the hard part has been done already.

I've read every post on this forum and would like to try deactivating the monitor option first....
I think it was related to the monitor option as I connected a projector the first time I had the problem and it worked again. Next time it happened it worked again at work when I connected my office external screen. But last night none of these things could help me. I can't remember what I did was called but I did not reinstall it all together but almost. Luckily it's not that hard but irritating having to reinstall all my programs including Office 365 and Office 2013 again. I'm sure Microsoft can learn a lot from Apple and how easy it is to install a new iPad or iPhone.


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Same exact situation for me today. Login-->black screen. Power on, screen on, display black. nothing works. Tried the 1 button restart, the two button restart. Same result.

Machine is less than a month old, and just stops working? I've got like 5 days left to return this, and since this is my work machine for a business, I may have to return it. I liked it (LOVED) it before today, but right now, it's just a paperweight, a two thousand dollar, brand new paperweight. Unacceptable. My experience at the Microsoft store will determine if I walk back to my car, or walk over to the apple store later today....

VERY disapointed.
That is exactly what I said. After Windows 8 function failures I decided to go to Windows 10. And now this happens. I am never trusting this over rated Microsoft company again. The programmers are obviously unskilled even though I found the solution it still remains unacceptable to fear the risk of losing so much data because they can't make a decent client like windows 7 (the only windows that work well) I am probably changing to Apple.


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Got this same issue today on a Surface Pro 2 for a client. First time a Win10 install has failed on me! I tried Andreas90 solution, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL then ran Task Manager. Started a new Explorer.exe process but still had a blank screen. I looked at the startup and disabled the 2 Sierra Wireless apps, then hit hit the Power button on screen, and did a proper restart. Login now works fine! I re-enabled the Sierra software, rebooted and login still works. My guess is that it just needs the proper shutdown perhaps?


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Same thing happened with me, did some Windows updates and then now it is a black screen after boot. Explorer.exe isn’t working for me and it just stays black. Unbelievable. I have multiple W8.1 systems and my Spro3 is the only one that gives me such a hard time with getting into the damn desktop.
Safe mode works and I can access my files, but that’s about it. I have a ton of programs installed and would hate to have to do a fresh restart.


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I was just able to fix it!!!! No wiping necessary.


So follow what Conquerz says and get into Control Panel to uninstall updates. I did not find KB3035131 but I did find KB3035132 and uninstalled that. Rebooted back into W8 and blank screen again.

So I found this:
So .. yet ANOTHER Windows update was pushed out that results in "Blank Screen of Death"

And also uninstalled KB3045999 and restarted and now I am back into my desktop!


as I have posted before I had to return two(2) sp3 brought it from costo I had no problems return them
I brought another sp3 from casto to see how this unit works out (I have at 90 days to return NICE!)