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Scroll to top of web page?


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Is there a gesture to jump or scroll to the top of a web page lime the double tap on the title bar on an ipad?
Im using Chrome and cannot seem to figure out a fast scroll, even a fast flick only scrolls as far as you swipe which is really inefficient.


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You are using Chrome on a Surface?

I too would like to know if there is a gesture or shortcut to jump to the top of web page.


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Ahh your right ... but the question still applies, is there any fast scroll or jump to the top using gestures? It's painful to have to scroll up and down slowly page after page.
if you have a type/touch keyboard attached to your surface you can simply use the HOME buttonand it will bring you to the top of the page, but without a cover attached I did not find a gesture directly on the tablet to do the same.