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I've tried several of these methods to no avail. I'm wondering why Microsoft has made it so difficult. I mean, like There is an SD card slot on the surface. And you can't store anything on the sd card besides data. So why must we jump through hoops to use it? You should be able to simply insert the sd card, format it and change the "save to" setting in windows, and that's it. I really like the hardware on the surface but I'm adding this to the long litany of things I don't like about it. Typical Microsoft.


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The SD Card issue is the same with any form of Windows (at least since XP and maybe 2000). NTFS sees the card as removable storage so it is treated like any other removable storage device such as a thumb drive. Phone 7 with its file system claimed the SD Card for its internal storage but the process was destructive and one way, once it was used the SD Card couldn't be reused and you couldn't remove it unless you performed a hard reset, needless to say people complained about it. So I've used the Mounted Folder in x86 before, but using the Symbolic Links gives the best of both worlds, allowing you to access it from its drive letter or through the Libraries.

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The SD Card issue is the same with any form of Windows (at least since XP and maybe 2000).
Yes, but this is Windows RT, not 8. And for all the limitations we have to accept, there should be an exception. It's a helluva lot easier to use an SD card on my jellybean droid.


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u don't really understand how this will work as I am indexing everything to the folder I made in C:\ and not any folders actually on my SD card


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my pictures are not been updating on Photos Windows app :(

how do I fix it? Do I need to re index? how ??

plz, need help here :p
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