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SD card only goes in half way


I received the new 103A version of this SD converter, and it's just what I wanted. Not perfectly flush, but you need the tab to remove the card. Very happy with this one.



But is the Nifty Drive the right size? The first one I got, made for a Macbook did not even go in far enough to make contact.


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Is it just me or do SD cards tend to hit the battery hard? It seems like as soon as I put one in that my battery life takes a hit.

Wayne Orwig

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I have a 64GB card in my phone, and a 128GB card in my Surface Pro tablet. I never noticed anything battery related. But then, I never thought to check.
I do know that when I put a microSD card in an adapter and write a LOT of data to it, it gets pretty warm. But never gets warm when not being accessed. So there may be something to it if it is being accessed a lot.


Out of curiosity what types of things do you guys store in the SD cards? My 256GB SSD drive is around 70% full but I don't like storing things on an SD card because the read and write speeds are slow.

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