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surface go 1825 sd driver not recognising


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HI there i have a old surface 1825 (go) and the pc will net recognising a sd card the card works fine on my phone but there is no 'ping' sound when inserted and nothing happens. I looked at device manager and disk drives the only thing there is 'KBG30ZPZ256G TOSHIBA'.
Would anyone have idea on how i could get the sd card to show on the pc.... trying to extend the memory by using an external SD card. thanks


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HI Marrion_Y thank you for your help new to this forum... cannot see your reply on it but can via email? not sure how to view via the forum page but no worries.
Did as you suggested and got to the device manager and this time around it showed not only the TOSHIBA but also SDXC card i got into policy's i think check on the 'better performance' and the card could be read. So managed to get all my holiday photos on to the PC.
But i was just trying this out as i am thinking of getting a large cap sd card to use as an external memory to extend what i have on the pc at the moment of 256GB.
thank you for your kind help much appreciated.


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