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Network adapter problem after undocking


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At home I keep my SP2 docked. In the morning I do the following:
- hibernate
- undock
- go to work
- connect onboard mini displayport to my work monitor
- connect it to power
- plug in a logitech usb bluetooth adapter for logitech wireless keyboard and mouse
- turn on the surface

9 times out of 10 (or more), everything's cool. The login screen shows the wireless bars indicating that it's connecting/connected to my work's wifi network.

But every once in awhile there's the wired network symbol down there showing that the wired network adapter has no internet connection. Which it shouldn't, as the wired network adapter doesn't even exist anymore, since the surface is no longer docked.

Going into device manager and/or network adapter settings shows that there is no wireless device, but instead there is a wired ethernet adapter. I tried selecting "scan for hardware changes" in device manager, hoping it'd knock some sense into the thing and make it realize that it's been undocked, but it doesn't detect anything.

Restarting fixes the problem, but is annoying as the whole point of having this thing is so I can go between work and home and have my full work environment constantly available... I'll go months without restarting, because it's such a pain to get everything open and setup to where I had it last, and my work is such that I'll run something, but then get distracted for days by something else, but then need the output from what I ran when I come back to it.... basically I never want to restart if I can help it.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestion for maybe doing a different procedure that's less likely to reproduce it? I'm thinking maybe I'll undock it first, then hibernate. Just slightly annoying because then all my applications are going to be brought back to the surface's screen and I'll have to move them back to my monitor at work, whereas when I hibernate before undocking, and then plug in the external monitor at work before turning it on, they end up on my work's external monitor.

Or maybe plugging in the USB adapter and/or monitor and/or power at work before turning it on fools it into thinking it's still in the docking station there.


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Try to undock first, then you hibernate. maybe this will make the surface realize that the wired network is not connected anymore.