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Seriously Loud Fans and Battery Issues

Phil Collins

New Member
Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone had a fix for the loud fan issue with the surface book?

I have a new machine i7/16G/512 device and even under the lightest load the fan are running full speed and are seriously loud. Even when the machine is CLOSED and plugged in the fans are running (ie: in Sleep Mode). I have never seen this on a laptop before and really makes me regret buying this machine...

I have done numerous searches and have done the battery driver update from the standard 2006 drivers to 2013 (for those that don't know the device ships out with 2006 battery drivers!! no idea why they would ship out a device with 2006 drivers on a 2017 machines...seriously crap QC...).

They have offered to replace the device but I need to post my device back to the States and they will ship me out a new one when they are back in stock. The Microsoft tech support is borderline non existent and I am reluctant to send my machine back (heaps of work stuff / programs etc ) already installed unless this problem is really hardware related.

Was hoping one of the more tech inclined members can maybe tell me whats going on and whether there is a simple fix for this? Intel drivers maybe? I have all the latest drivers installed.



Dunno, not much to contribute but I've the i7/16Gb/512Mb + performance base and it doesn't drive the fans when the lid is closed & it's plugged in. The fans always come on at startup and only cut out under very light load, but goes silent very soon after closing the lid. It really does sound like you have a dodgy unit to me.

Wayne Orwig

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I don't ever know that my fans are running. Ever. People have told me that there are fans in there. I wouldn't know it.
Have you looked to see if there is a process hogging the CPU cycles?

Phil Collins

New Member

Thanks for all the replies guys.

I have checked to see what processes are running the top 3 are my Antivirus (15% usage) and then Chrome and IE (around 1% both) - no idea why my Antivirus is at 15%? Maybe that is the issue? Is that normal?

I have not done a hard reset b/c it is going to be a pain to re-install all my programs / files etc - but if I need to do this I will..:(


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I expected a fan noise for an i7 but should be just half as loud as a regular laptop. Do not use an antiviruz. Windows Defender is good enough.

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