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Set up new Surface 2 without keyboard.

Dave T.

New Member
Hey folks,

Picked up my new Surface 2 last night. Unfortunately, I had to order my Type 2 Cover online, and it won't be here until next week.

Question... How difficult is it to get it setup without the keyboard? This will be my first tablet, so I'm not to familiar with the onscreen keyboards.

It should not be a problem. I did the same thing when I bought my Surface RT. The setup is really simple and straightforward.
If you find yourself in the need to use a keyboard while you wait for the TC2, just plug a USB one...that's how versatile is the S2
Thanks again.

Do you guys recommend using a Microsoft Account or a local account when you set up? I would prefer to use a local account, and then access SkyDrive when I need to. Are there any other benefits to using my Microsoft Account during set up? Is it easy enough to access SkyDrive later?
I really prefer the convenience of the Microsoft Account, backs up your BitLocker Key to your SkyDrive seamless access to all of the services. You can authenticate separately but you type your password much more often.
As Jeff says. I stick with the MS Account login for the secure encryption support and Skydrive apps/settings backup in case I need a new Surface or to sync with a future Win8 device. You also get immediate access to SkyDrive as it's integrated with Win8.1 more. There's nothing wrong with a local account, of course, but you won't be able to use the app store nor take advantage of the other services.

Also see here: User accounts on Microsoft Surface | Microsoft accounts | Local accounts