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Can't unlock tablet from sleep without keyboard.


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I just brought home my Surface Pro 3 (my first tablet). I'm still working on learning about it. One thing that has come up is that after it goes to sleep I can't get the onscreen keyboard to display. This means that I don't have a way to enter my password without connecting to the keyboard or restarting the tablet. If I do a restart then the keyboard is available with a swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Has anyone else seen this?


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I have the original surface, and even though I dont have a password I still cant unlock it sometimes.
Haven't found a fix yet.


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If you swipe the touchscreen to access the logon screen, the onscreen keyboard should pop up to allow you to enter your pin/password, even with the keyboard attached. If you then start typing on the physical keyboard, the onscreen one closes.

It sounds like a software issue with Windows is preventing this from happening. If you're not too far along in adding your own software to the system, I'd recommend restoring Windows from the recovery partition.

Best of luck in correcting this!


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I have the SP 3, and it does this from time to time when I take the keyboard cover off just before bringing it out of sleep mode I cant log in, the onboard screen will not come on, I have reattach the keyboard cover to get a unlock screen. Please someone Help. This is frustrating.


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My keyboard is sat somewhere doing nothing, as such my only experience is purely touch use, and as such, have never encountered this problem (although it's now an irrelevent potential issue as i removed the password from sleep, hate having passwords on any of my devices, i've no need)

Until you sort the issue, you could always just click the onscreen keyboard button and login ;)