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SF3Pro with Surface Dock


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Hello guys!

I m using a Surface 3 Pro with a new Surface Dock. On the SF Dock I have a Dell 34 inch monitor (in the support list), and a Samsung TV. The TV is mostly off. The Dell is connected with Display Port, the TV with HDMI and a adapater. Adapter is a active one. I m facing the following issues:

1) Every time my desktop icons are on the wrong display. The Dell is marked as primary monitor. Also when I move all the icons on the right display. The next reboot or login, it s the same waste again
2) Sound
The sound is sometimes working, sometimes not. Sometimes it s enough to change the settings in the audio device himself. Bitrate and so on. But after the next reboot, its gone again. I have reinstalled the sound devices, installed all available updates for Dock and SF, Windows Update is up2date. Microsoft offered me only to change the Dock, I will also reinstall the SF and see if that helps.

Has someone also such a bad expirience with the device?
Also one more question: The 34inc Dell is a 4k monitor. Can I plug the same display again to the SF and Surface Dock? Is that possible?