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Should We Be Concerned?


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Not the least bit worried. Adoption of Windows 8 in general has been slow because people dislike change and the new UI (no start menu) puts them off at first. Eventually people will adopt the new UI and things will move along just fine when people realize that RT is at least as good as what Apple and Google have to offer. It will be an uphill battle as many people are solidly encamped in either iOS or Android and migration will likely be pretty slow, but I firmly believe it will happen. I am a long time, hard core Linux and Android user who is now running one laptop on Windows 8, owns a Surface, and was just today checking out Windows phones. Open minded people will be curious and see if perhaps the new Windows might not have something to offer them.


To clarify, I'm not worried that Microsoft won't support it or that I'm not happy about the Surface. My biggest concern is that it will slow adoption of RT and result in either less apps being made or much slower app growth in the app store. By my last check the store has about 17,000 apps (typing * in the search) and I'm not sure what that says about growth in comparison to other platforms.

There are over 35,000 Apps and about 25,000 of those are for North America, the store is growing by 400-500 apps a day and is the fastest growing App Store yet. As Windows 8 picks up adoption the number of Apps are going to grow like crazy, even if only half of Windows 7 users upgrade to 8 that would put over 200,000,000 devices waiting for Apps. Developers can only ignore Windows 8 platform for so long, eventually it will be too big to ignore.