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Skydrive on Surface


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Hi everyone! New to the site.

Was wondering, Is Microsoft going to send out a Skydrive Desktop app anytime soon? Would like to have the same functionality as on my laptop where you can sync files chosen from Explorer to Skydrive - and hopefully keep them constantly in sync. Would love to choose a Folder to Sync rather than just individual files. I would like to have files both on my local storage and Skydrive. Anybody have any ideas?


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i wouldn't mind this as well. even though I have the RT app installed I pretty much exclusively use the web version which lets me pick up files from my home laptop even if they are not synced. would be good if this worked both ways with the surface.


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Sry but i've found no signs of a skydrive-desktop-app for Windows RT. It's unlikely that'll be change in near future, since access to the desktop-api is very restricted and a syncing full skydrive-account (with 25GB or more) is to much for a 32GB-Surface. Yes, the selective-sync-feature in the newest version of the desktop could be a small sign of: it's possible, but I think the idea was more of an memory-extender. A Surface is somewhere between phone/tablet and a PC, so we have to deal with some drawbacks.
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Hi everyone.

Thanks for all your thoughts. Hopefully Microsoft will see this and include a Skydrive option as an update? Here' wishing!


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For me, this is the one key feature that is lacking on RT. I mainly use my Surface for visiting client sites & although most have Wi-Fi that I can use, being able to sync certain folders for off-line use would be a huge benefit.


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Lack of the feature in the app is true but the Mapped Drive workaround works beautifully.