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Skype WIFI no longer free - being charged evenstill in my free SP2 subscription


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Posting in the SP2 forum as for whatever reason SKYPE support don't seem to grasp this problem.

Purchased SP2 8/256 Dec 2013. Exchanged the Skype premium account voucher that comes with it end of January.

All working fine till mid May where all of a sudden I start being charged for my Skype Wifi usage which is supposed to be free for 12 months together with the Skype unlimited account.

Escalated to Skype support who keep repeating that all is fine and that if I use my SP2 I should not be charged, but as expected i keep being charged.
My thoughts are that for some reason a setting is not correct on the SP2 that identifies the device as a Surface Pro 2, but that is just a hunch.

So desperate plea to SP2 community - Has anyone noticed this behaviour in the past and if so, how did you resolve ?
Thanks !