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Slingbox/SlingPlayer App


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As we all struggle to wait for apps to run things that we have run on our pcs or phones, one app that I ran successfully on my windows 7.5 phone and ipad was the slingplayer app. Of course they don't have an app for Windows RT yet and hopefully they are working on one but in the mean time, there is a simple solution that works great. (so much so that I have no need for an app really). They have a simple URL that allows you to embed their player on a website or blog. For some reason it doesn't appear to work in IE from the metro UI but works great from IE on the desktop. By going to this url, Slingbox Player, you can login to your slingbox. You can run as an embedded small window or go full screen so you don't even see the desktop and the image looks great. The remote for controlling your TV works better than even the controls on the windows 7.5 slingplayer in my opinion. So, even though this is a forum for apps, I thought if anyone had a slingbox and was bummed that no app was available yet, they'd like that they can get the full experience today and better yet, there is no fee for this embedded player (unlike their apps that run $15-$30).


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rbeste & slugabug thanks for posting this valuable info, I have been on the ipad but found the app too expensive to buy.