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SMS App for 8.1 & 10


I've left Verizon for the 950xl. This has been a good move with the exception of losing Verizon messages app. I appreciate suggestions on what you have used and like for the Surface to send AND receive text messages. I'm using a Windows phone, so there are some applications that don't work. This includes Skype (with a subscription) in my hands.

Many thanks
I'm using Continuum with my 950xl and a television display. If I could connect my phone to my Surface and have the computer display continuum as another desktop this would be the perfect solution. It would allow the software that I need on the phone to change and continued control.
The continuum desktop only has to emulate the phone display.
Anyway, the text experience with continuum is perfect.
The short answer for this is that there is no application available at present other than Verizon messages. Daniel Rubino has posted an answer that says wait for 6 months. Thereafter we should be able to use Skype for messaging on the computer.