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So, gmail doesn't work with the Surface Pro email app?


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My wife just got me a Surface Pro 128 (I guess misery loves company), and I've been trying to get it to hook up to my gmail account. Even though there's a plain-as-day Google icon on the taskbar, for some reason it says that the log-in information is wrong. I can log into it with the exact same email address and password from my MacBook Pro and also if I log in on the Surcface Pro through Internet Explorer.

I've tried it both with the @gmail.com and without that.

From what I can glean from other posts on the forum, it seems that Microsoft has deliberatly disabled certain elements that are required for complete interaction with Google. Is that correct, or is there something else wrong in my particular case? Many thanks for all help. -DA1


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You are right, and I am pretty pissed. The google calendars are also broken on the Surface, which is infuriating to me because my entire family is set up on them for the express purpose that google calendars are (WERE) compatible with every platform. I've tried a number of hacks and none of them have worked.



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I read that if you click the little box that says sync contacts etc when setting up your account info it will mess things up. This is on Google's side, they changed the way things sync with their services (to make people use their gear is my guess). This is from the document I read "If you add a Google account on or after January 30, 2013, don't select Include your Google contacts and calendars. You won’t be able to sync your mail if you do. As of January 30, 2013, Google stopped support for new EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) connections in some situations." Gmail is working great for me having not clicked the box, haven't tried any calendar stuff though.


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Wow, so is there anything one can do once they've already logged in and set up their account to fix this? Could you be more specific about which part of the OS you are setting up when you get that check box?


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For me it was right after the first boot, and MS account set-up, I went to set up email. The PDF I got the info from is only 1.35 mb if you would like it emailed to you, however that is the only reference to this in the file. Not too sure if there is a way to pull your Gmail info out to re-do it. Would really hope that they would implement a way to do just that, just in case of a hacked gmail you needed to delete etc.


The bottom line is - As of Jan 31st (for computers and tablets only, phones are good until July), Google has stopped allowing new accounts to sync using EAS. They are supporting two open standards, which Microsoft currently does not. Without getting into the blame game, we are all basically out of luck.

You still CAN sync email and contactsL:

- For email, when you are setting up the Gmail in Mail app, just uncheck "also sync Calendar and Contacts". This will set it up as IMAP.

- For contacts, you can log into your Live account and link Google contacts there - they will then sync.


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Thanks guys! So it looks like Calendars are out until Microsoft does some wizardry. Hmph.

I tried connecting my google contacts with my live account; in fact it has been that way for years since I got a windows phone. But for some reason no google contacts are coming into my People Hub.

This is a pretty huge bummer for me.
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it seems that Microsoft has deliberatly disabled certain elements that are required for complete interaction with Google.
Disambiguous --

Always a conspiracy, huh?

When I set up my Ladyfriend's Pro, Google mail worked on the first pass, and she is receiving mail daily. I don't recall that I did anything differently -- except, maybe, that I set it up in Thunderbird.



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it seems that Microsoft has deliberatly disabled certain elements that are required for complete interaction with Google.
It's actually Google that has changed their sync capabilities by dropping support (not wanting to pay for a license for) Exchange ActiveSync, which is what Mail and Calendar are using. You will have to wait until Microsoft adds support for CalDAV & CardDAV to sync your Google accounts.
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