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Hey guys, enjoyed the Forum but the ATIV Q is coming out and I'm gonna grab one. It is just too much exactly what I want in a hybrid to resist. Gonna give my SP to the GF (she is totally excited). Her name is Jodie and she is much nicer (and better looking) than I am. Maybe she'll come here to chat :)

Have a good one everybody and enjoy your Surface Pros.

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Good luck! Maybe you could startup a Ativ Q board here :) Anyhow it seems like a good tablet/computer!


Hey, nobody says you have to stop coming around because you get a different device. You're still welcome and your GF!


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But... but... 10 inches is the size of the Surface Pro and the iPad, the perfect size because Steve Jobs said it! Why are you getting a 13 inches tablet? Oh, wait...
Apple testing 13-inch iPad and larger iPhone: WSJ | The Verge
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The amazing thing about the ATIV Q is that although it has a 13.3in qHD+ 3200x1800, 275ppi and a physical keyboard, it is only 3% thicker and 10% heavier than the SP and double the battery life. Costs $350 more but with those specs, who cares?

Excellent comparison article: http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/v3-co-uk-...-ativ-q-vs-microsoft-surface-pro-spec-by-spec
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Samsung Ativ Q: 327x218x13.9mm, 1.29kg
Microsoft Surface Pro: 275x173x13mm, 907g
iPad 4th generation Wi-Fi model: 650 g

10% heavier? 40% heavier than Surface Pro and double than iPad. Even Surface Pro is too heavy for some people to use it as a tablet (not for me), so... are you going to use it as a tablet? Same weight than this LOL
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