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[Solved] Error setting up outlook


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Hi there
After lurking for a while I have finally taken the plunge and purchased an sp3. I just got it today and was so amazed at the ease in setting up all of our proprietary work programs on here that I totally botched the outlook setup. My company uses exchange email and my mail app works ok but I made a typo when setting up outlook.

Now every time I open outlook, even after reinstalling, I get an error that

The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to Complete this action.

Then when I click OK it shows me my incorrect exchange settings but I cannot click on any tabs or change them. It then kicks me out of office.

How do I reset these settings to start over?

Any help is appreciated!
Look in control panel for a section called "Mail".

You should be able to add or remove accounts here.