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Screen Protector?


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OK, thanks. About to go for it. I did watch a couple YouTube videos that more-or-less matched your instructions. I am hoping that since the SP3 is unopened that the screen will be pristine. I will check it anyway before proceeding.

Tiny little shards of paper or plastic are often clinging to new screens. Be aware!


your device can get scratched too when its in the bag. rather regret of not having a screen protector when that happens, just get one tempered glass protector and that's it. Sometimes , it can get scratch by keys or anything in the bag or any where else.

I rather get one good protector and at least i know, if something happens to the screen, i can just throw away protector and apply a new one. If without the protector, the scratch , no matter how small will be there permanently.

But of course, its again, up to the owner of the device.


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I just installed this screen protector listed below. There were no instructions which probably explains why it is only $18.99. It went on easy but I was confused that it seemed to only have a removeable sheet on the side that clings to the SP3. Most every other screen protector I've ever installed had the protective sheets on both sides. Is this just something different with Glass Screen Protectors or do I still have a piece to remove that I'm not seeing?

I'm sorry I forgot to insert the link for the SP that I installed. :rolleyes:

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My install of the Zagg glass protective cover went well. Thanks for the helpful suggestions.
What a horrible experience with tempered glass screen protector on my SP3. Ordered the Phantom glass from Amazon (Canadian brand) since they claimed it's made of Gorilla glass AND only 0.2 mm thick.

Received it today and the install went well. The fitment was perfect with no bubbles. That was the good news.

The other good news was that the pen worked flawlessly. However, the good news stops there.

The touch became so inconsistent I couldn't reliably bring up the charm bar. I couldn't even swipe up to unlock it.

I have no idea why this happened. I have tempered glass SP on my Note 3 and it works really well. It was a cheap $4 one from eBay. I expected the same experience from this one but no such luck.

I finally got frustrated enough to peel it off. Now I'm back to NAKED and loving it. :)