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Upgrading to WIN 10, No Wireless Network Adapter


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Hello, I have Three Surface Pro's, all three have the same issue when upgrading from WIN 8.2 to WIN 10. The Wireless network adapter can be seen in Device Manager, and shows it is working fine. But there is not adapter in the network / Connections window, meaning when i try to create a new Internet connection it sees no adapter to use and that includes Bluetooth as well. This is very weird.

So i tried the following on 2 different tablets with the same issues:
- Installed WIN10 from the website
- Down loaded WIN10 to USB and installed
- Updated the network driver
- Uninstalled the driver and rebooted
- Formated and reinstalled first 8,1, than WIN10

Also how can i get a another copy of WIN 8.1

Help !!!


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Did you have a VPN running before the Windows 10 upgrade? This happened to my girlfriend's laptop and after some researching it seems there are many others with the problem. I tried several fixes such as different configurations and updating the registry, but I couldn't get it to work so put it back to Windows 7... she couldn't care less lol.


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As stated by the last poster, there is an issue with both the Cisco AnyConnect and older Cisco VPN clients. Uninstall both before upgrading to Windows 10. Also, upgrade all your drivers before you upgrade. Lastly, and this is very very odd... for me, Windows Update automatically recognized one of the chipsets (possibly the bluetooth/wifi or something) as a Canon scanner. I performed installation of all optional updates blindly, because... c'mon it is MSFT afterall; and had to "reset this PC." And, in case you feel like you're going to suffer alone, I "reset this PC" back to Windows 8.0 once for each of the issues until I finally had a working instance of Windows 10 (total of three).

Good luck!


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Oh man, going back to Windows 8.0 is a painful experience! So much updating :eek: I've had to do that once since upgrading to Windows 10... never again! (I hope)