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SP2 keyboard problems..


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hello surface forum users...

im having a problem with using my SP2 &touch cover 2, i will try to explain the best i can...
  • sometimes my SP2 does not recognise it, i have to disconnect the touch cover and play around with it until it makes the "disconnect sound" NOTE: sometimes this doesnt work and it only works when it wants.
  • upon unlocking my SP2 , i have to reconnect then connect the touchcover for the touchpad to work
things i have tried ...
  • refresh pc without affecting your files (does not work, it tells me "some files are missing")
  • downloading touch cover files
  • its not a faulty touch cover, i tried it on my surface RT..
pls dont tell me to send itback because my warranty is out...
any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance guys..
Look at the six contacts on you Surface are they clean and not depressed, they should be flush.
(or they may need an application of xanex or Prozac). :D

Look at your keyboard connector, is the block that holds the pins flat and not bowed or warped? The contacts (pins) clean and not depressed?

Try cleaning with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. If that doesn't work try Scotch orally. :)
Thanks buddy,
its working (for now) but it always works sometimes, i hope it will work permanently, i will keep a close eye...

I will be sure to keep that scotch close incase.