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SP2 pen not as nice as a SP3 pen


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I tried the SP3 pen today and i was amazed how nice it felt in the hand. Its not as thin and it glides differently and the tip isn't as flimsy as on my own SP2 pen. Compared to the surface 2 pro pen its so much nicer to write with that pen, i don't paint so i can only relate to writing.
I want a pen like that, i bought my SP2 2nd hand. Is it my pen that's worn out or is the tip supposed to be more flimsy and soft to push in?


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Well feel is a variable that's difficult to quantify. There's no way to know if your pen has the original nib and is worn or a mushy replacement.

See this thread http://www.surfaceforums.net/threads/can-we-change-the-nibs-on-the-surface-pen.4451/

Note that the Nibs for the Wacom Feel supposedly work with the Surface Pen and there are other Pens that work or you can get a replacement Pro 2 Pen.

Surface Pro 2 Pens on Amazon (note not all pens in this search are compatible)

Some commented they really liked this Pen but its more expensive.

I don't have and never used a Pro 1 or 2 so I cannot make a subjective pen comparison to the Pro 3.


A friend of mine ordered a figitsu stylus for his SP2 and LOVES it. He enjoys the rounded eraser "button" and it has 2 buttons on the side.


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I like the bamboo feel myself, it doesn't have an eraser but I don't need one since I don't make mistakes;)


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The SP3 are shipping with a new Nib which is harder, I received one today and it makes a big difference.


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For me it slides differently, its more like you have some resistant on the SP3 which you usually have when using pen and paper. The sp2 don't have any resistance at all. The tip on my sp2 pen compared to the one on sp3 is much easier to push to the bottom.