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SP2 warranty replacement

Hi all - Just wondering how long it took other members to receive an Advance Exchange SP2 when replaced under Microsoft Warranty. I was approved for a replacement about a week ago and haven't heard anything regarding shipment yet. I had a S2 replaced a while back and the whole process went very quickly. I know a week is not a long time, but I'm just curious how long a replacement took others. Thanks.


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I believe the SP2 recently went out of manufacturing which might impact replacement timelines depending on availability of stock and refurbished units.
Rick Sutliffe

Rick Sutliffe

Thanks GreyFox7. Turns out I can answer my own question. Shortly after posting my inquiry, I received an email from Microsoft Service that said the replacement SP2 was shipped. No complaints from me about the time, six days from replacement approval to shipping. Not a bad turn around, especially considering there was a weekend involved.