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SP3 and Windows 10 ISSUES


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On my SP3 I did the "normal" upgrade to Win10. Since doing that I have had multiple issues that didn't happen in 8.1

1.) doesn't "start up" when attached to a USB 3 dock - it could be starting up but none of the screens are active
2.) clock doesn't auto-update , up until yesterday it was only a couple of minutes off, then it stopped syncing completely, synced it by hand last night, when I booted it up this morning still on last nights time (and yes I did turn auto update back on)
3.) surface screen goes whacky after a bit. Power settings are set to never when on power. BUT after a while (not consistent) screen goes to partially black or into a color pattern like a bad rug

Anyone else having those issues or is just a black hole in Cleveland?


1. does it work when you hook a monitor directly to it? when i did my first upgrade i had no second mon itor support. i then went to reformat back to 8.1 then to 10 before i did anything and the second time i was prompted for a driver installation i did not get the first time then everything including my dock worked. i had try for hours to fix it but only starting over made it work and now much better than 8.1

2. and 3. i bet a fresh install would bebest. i found everything was smoother after i did it. i keep everything on clouds so not sure your situation but a fresh format and install for me took less than an hour to setup again after it updated to 10


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As above. Try a reset. I do not encounter any of your issues on my SP3. I use a kesignton usb 3.0 dock all day every day.


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Thanks guys. I normally do a wipe and clean install and I am not sure why I thought that this time the upgrade version would work without a hitch. Fletch I agree with you on the driver for multiple monitors, I was running insider on a desktop with an NVidia card it also took 3 tries to stabilize the driver. Looks like this weekend is going to be a fun time at my house.

Appreciate the comments