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SP3 Battery Issues


When I use the SP3 as a tablet and pen and do some illustrations and presentation for about 30 minutes, I notice that my power went from 100% to about 20% every time. It was shocking. A fully charged SP3 cannot do 2 thirty minute presentations on a single charge.

I use One Note for business illustrations
I use the Microsoft Photos App to show some photos

Thats it....from 90% plus or sometimes 100% to 20% plus.

Anyone any ideas? In fact the battery issues is one of the reasons why I don't use my SP3 as my primary tablet. At 40-50% brightness, all I get most of the time is 3-4 hours of usage before the battery goes flat.


The battery itself looks pretty healthy. You should be getting about 4 hours with your current use patterns, not sure why it plummets. What are you using for presentations?

I'll try the same on mine, it's about to go on the road doing demos so I don't want to be caught out either.


I am a property agent, to present to my client:

1. I first show them some photos of the property that I am selling (as it is still under construction) in tablet mode in using the default MS Photos App that comes with Windows 10.
2. Then I click on the Pen button to fire up One Note Modern and do some YIELD calculations and some projections. It takes only about 1 full page in Portrait mode.

I do the above repeatedly for every client that I meet in my day to day and each presentation lasts for about 30 minutes max at about 50% brightness (when I am not doing presentations, my brightness is around 30%). So whenever I finish the above my battery plummets sometimes to 20% to 40% remaining consistently from almost full charge. In fact by describing the above to you, I believe you can tell how paranoid I have become and I do not have OCD.

In fact I am so paranoid nowadays that I leave my SP3 plugged in all the time (at work) when I am not doing presentation just to make sure that when a client comes in I have enough battery juice to last through my presentation. I have owned the SP3 now for about 2 years. Previously I was using it as a normal laptop for 90% of the time so I did not encounter these problems majorly (thought I still get only about 4-5 hours of use max). It was only during the last 10-12 months that I discovered the joys of using it in tablet mode and using the Pen more fully to do illustrations. Now I can't live without it and with the battery issues, I can't live with it, it seems.

When I face these sorts of problems, there is no way that I can treat it or use my SP3 as a normal tablet for casual stuff while at home (which is a real waste as the screen is great for reading magazines and comics). I wonder if I will face the same problems with the SP4? or Sp5? (which is the earliest that I can upgrade).
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hmmm sounds like either your battery is shot (which it shouldn't be) or you have a rogue app running in the background... maybe even a virus/Trojan... what I suggest you do is do a factory restore and then update and then test your battery and if you find that's too much work, perhaps try a system restore first and that might clear out the battery problem bugs...