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SP3 Cursor/TouchScreen Issue


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Check out this fun bug... Sometimes when I wake the SP3 from sleep, I get this crazy cursor behavior where the cursor jumps to a certain part of the screen and begins moving up and down like crazy in a little area on the screen. Usually the behavior disappears after a reboot, but when it happens it is TOTALLY driving me crazy. If you watch the video...I'd highly suggest doing so in 720P or the cursor/touch will be difficult to see on the blurry video.

Is this with a wireless mouse or the trackpad on Type Cover Pro?

When this happens, try disconnecting the mouse/cover and reconnecting it, I think it will solve the issue.

I occasionally get this issue with my desktop mouse.
Been lurking on this forum (SP3) for weeks and yesterday I became "full fledged" - got a SP3 i7 256GB at the MS store.

I too have this bug. First noticed a light circle at the top of my external monitor (Dell U2713H) like someone had their finger on the top of the touch screen (which was off with type cover closed). Then the cursor kept jumping up there and dancing around like in mcsenerd's video.

Haven't tried fix on Tom's link, but if it keeps happening I will.
If anyone tries it please post results.