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SP3 I3 vs I5 .... Starcraft 2??


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Hey all,

Int he market for a Surface, as I'm about ready to feed my RT to some fish.

Really not sure between I3 and I5/4GBram. Have read about everything on the topic across the web.

Basically I will be using it as a tablet 95% of the time (web browing, netflix, light uses). However I would ideally like to be able to run a few relatively low-intensity games on the device (Starcraft 2, Counter Strike). Not looking to break the bank. Have read ppl having few problems running SC2 on low settings on an I3.

Big issue I had with my RT was that, when web browing, typing would lag and stutter and generally performance has rendered the device basically unusable. Trying to avoid that this time.

Any opinions out there on the I3 for my purposes? Is I5 overkill, or worth the extra money? Keeping in mind I dont mind expanding the storage of an I3 with MicroSD for media files.