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SP3 IE11 KB2962872 Updte Error. Couldn't complete. Undoing changes.


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I don't know if anybody else has had this problem. I don't know why I'm having it.

So with SP3, the first thing I did was activate Administrator, and logged into the Administrator account.
I did 4 things:
1 - Turn of Windows Firewall and Defender in Control Panel
2 - Installed Online Armor
3 - Installed Avast
4 - Avast installed Chrome during setup (not sure why installing Avast gives you the option to install Chrome)

Nothing on my SP3 is configured in any other way. This is as far as I got before proceeding to install updates.

I ran updates, but every time the computer had to reboot to complete the installation, I got the error: Couldn't complete. Undoing changes. So I checked updates again, and the exact same list of updates had to be reinstalled again. But it kept doing the same thing. Even after disabling Avast and turning off Online Armor, it still did the same thing.

I narrowed it down to IE11 - KB2962872. I unchecked that, and all the rest of the updates installed fine.

So now the only update that hasn't been installed is that particular one. I don't really want to install it anyway because I don't even use IE. I probably will never even open it. Thanks to a far superior browser - Chrome.

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