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SP3, Kensington USB3, explorer/hibernate issue


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I have the following set up:

  • Surface Pro 3, i7, 256GB
  • Kensington USB3 Dock, with wired network
I am experiencing the following issue:

  • Connected to a network over the USB3 dock (not wifi)
  • Accessing SMB Share
  • System sleeps after a while
  • System comes back up
  • Windows explorer error message "Cannot access the network" x200 (not exagerrating, this is the figure that comes up in process manager)
My guess is that the USB3 interface isnt coming up quick enough, so I was wondering if anyone else had similar set up and what you did about it? or if anyone else has any suggestions on how I might say, delay explorer from trying to read from the network, that'd be great.

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