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SP3 Marketing in Japan


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There's been a huge marketing push for SP3 in Japan since late November. TV, newspapers, train stations, online, you name it, MS has an ad out there. Here's a special page they've created with short vignettes of people using SP3s in their daily lives. (The ones for the photographer and the businesswoman is viewable. The one for the student is still to come.) I thought you might get a kick out of seeing how other countries are marketing the device.

The thing is, SP3 is still not common in Japan. Only two other people use them at my company and I have yet to see one at an industry event, although I get a lot of questions about mine when they see it. Macs are still number one, then a smattering of Windows OEMs such as Dell and Asus and other Japanese manufacturers.

Oh, and as a special campaign, they're adding a free keyboard cover with the purchase of SP3 until the end of the year.


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I've actually run into people using it in Starbucks and other places like that, by I'd say that MBP and Vaio are still more frequent