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SP3 - Purchase Advice


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Hi everyone,

And apologies in advance if I am asking some silly questions, I have been seriously considering getting the Surface (i5, 8GB RAM), my current laptop is a Sony Vaio (Specs below) which is a bit cumbersome to cart around the world for work.

Processor - Intel Core i3 M370 @ 2.4ghz
Gfx Card - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (not sure if its allowed but further info on the card can be found easily enough on notebookcheck)

This handles everything I want to use a laptop for (Light gaming Diablo 3 / Football Manager etc.) as well as word processing.

The Surface intrigues me as I am keen on the drawing aspects of it, as well as the form. I know, know one can give me a perfect answer, but how would this laptop compare to the Surface 3? I have read all the throttling issues and got a bit scared out of a purchase.

Any thoughts?
the throttling thing has been blown way out of proportion and after the last updates has improved dramatically... I for one am not suffering from throttling and game on my SP3 all the time, BUT you have to be logical about this, the SP3 is the thinnest computer on the market! nothing compares or matches it, so if you do VERY heavy intensive programs and have 5 programs running and 10 internet pages open and expect the SP3 won't get hot then your delusional... even your sony laptop suffers from heat and throttling if you over do it... I say go for it and you won't be disappointed if you have normal expectations... ;)
Hey thanks,

In honesty I run very little on my laptop, mainly Football Manager, which I think should be OK.

I'm certainly not hoping to run FPS' or anything on it (I have a very expensive desktop for that!)

But as I stay away for work a lot, I would like to be able to watch Netflix, play Football Manager and use Skype to phone the Mrs (Not all at the same time of course!)

P.s The Sony gets really hot, the air coming from the side, while not hot enough to burn, is hot enough for you to pull your hand away from!
The Surface should be a good bit quicker even with throttling id estimate about 30% faster CPU and 50% faster GPU. now the question... did the Sony have an HDD or SSD? if HDD then the Surface is going to smoke that thing otherwise it will just be faster. :)
It had only a HDD, so that's good news. The research I did looked like it would be faster, but the benchmark tools seem to have changed so it's good to get an experts view :)

If the above is true, I'm not sure what people are moaning about, I can play numerous games on this laptop (Granted not at top gfx, or top FPS, but playable sure), if people are seriously expecting to be able to play Call Of Duty in 1080p on High they must be deluded!

Now just to pursuade the wife £1k is a wise investment..

Do you think the i5 would be good enough? Or should I go for the i7

Edit: Thanks for your response
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