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Surface Pro 3 keeps rebooting on Shutdown


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I bought a used Surface 3 Pro. I completely reinstalled Windows using both the Original Media from Windows which takes it back to something like 2015 and a new Version 2004 Install of Windows.

On both installs when it reaches the latest updates it, it begins to reboot on Shutdown. The Surface Pro was constantly running the battery down on Shutdown and I couldnt figure out why until finally I watched it after it shutdown. Sure enough after about 30 to 45 seconds it would reboot. Could this be a bad firmware update of some kind? Is this a problem that at one time Microsoft pulled an update and somehow it is still being updated? I ask these as I am not really familiar with the History of the Surface 3 Devices.

Now the kicker.....when the Surface is plugged in through the adapter, the Surface will NOT reboot. This makes me think that there could be a problem with the power management/firmware. That is why I am asking about firmware. But when the Surface has a new Original Media Install on it from around 2015, the Restarts are not present, or so I assume. So to get it to fully turn off and stay off I have to plug it in.

I have looked at the Event Viewer and some odd things are coming up. I will post them in time when I have the device with me. I have tried to turn off the Restart upon Failure options and that doesnt seem to work. I have also tried to turn of Wake On/timers too but I could easily be missing one too.

When installing updates, I do see that there are only about 3 to 5 firmware updates, which from reading it sounds like the Surface Pro 3 had something like around 19 or so.

Thanks for the help:):)


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Nope. I am mainly want to verify that first this was not a documented problem on the Surface 3 Pro. And second if there is a way to determine if it could be a firmware problem. I am used to once you apply a firmware it sticks for the rest of the life of the unit until a new firmware update comes out. But it appears on many devices that firmware is considered to be a software firmware. Does the Surface 3 Pro have hardware firmwares that only need to be updated once and then even on a reinstall they will not be available anymore. Cause as mentioned I only see just a few firmware updates when I do a new fresh reinstall.

Is there a site that list all the firmwares you can install, and then an option to where you install them if you want. I found once spot: Download Surface Pro 3 from Official Microsoft Download Center

It just appears like this doesnt include all the firmwares that have been released. It says cumulative so maybe several are built into one. Am I suppose to install the Win 8 firmwares too even though I have a Windows 10 system. What would be the correct procedure. I wonder if I should install these directly right after a clean install so then Windows 10 Update wouldn't need to install them.

Any help is greatly appreciated :):)