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I experience the following with this configuration:

SP3, Win 8.1, docking station: mdp (on docking station) to hdmi, the view-able screen on my SP3 gets noticeably smaller when the mdp to hdmi is connected to my TV which is set to input from SP3;

the SP3 is set to duplicate the image onto the TV, though the TV screen is full all around the TV (LG 49 UB8500).

Image on TV is excellent. Image on SP3 is also excellent, but smaller, as noted above.

Has anyone experienced any reduction in SP3 screen size in your SP3 docking station using mdp to hdmi connection?

Anyone have any recommendations if this is inconsistent with the way things are supposed to be with this setup.


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Yes. Black bars are normal on the Surface screen when you add an external monitor to the docking station. Not sure if it will do the same if you connect the external monitor directly to the Surface, but I suspect it will. Since we're duplication rather than extending the external monitor, the black bar on the Surface doesn't mean diddly squat. As a matter of fact, I always set my Surface so that flipping the keyboard cover up so that the distracting Surface screen doesn't bother me. You simply set closing the keyboard cover (same on a desktop) to do nothing when you close it.


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By the way: How do I set the keyboard not to cease the SP3 when I put it up to stream? Seems like a neat simple fix.