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SP4 2 hour battery life, 16,000mW draw.... only running edge nothing else


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here's a picture


and a battery report


yeah.. I'm only running msedge and browsing reddit here and the 15k mw draw is huge. I don't see any rogue processes eating power either:


and the display is on suggested brightness. Bluetooth off.

Anyone have suggestions about improving battery? The power draw would indicate that I only have 2 hours which seems crazy since I'm just browsing text based pages.


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So did you actually clock it at 2 hours or are you just going on the estimate? If you are just using the estimate, I don't have any experience with that particular battery app that you're using but I can tell you that the built-in Windows 10 one is garbage that seems to only account for instantaneous usage (ie. it polls some short period and extrapolates from there) and only updates every 5'ish minutes. I regularly see it say that I only have 1-2 hours remaining at 90%+ charge (with nothing apparently pushing the CPU, much like yours) but really get 5-8 hours of actual use. What you should do is actually time how long it takes to run out of battery and consult the battery report once you run it dry to see how much time your device was actually on for. What probably happened in the 23 seconds that you had it on battery is that some short background task ran during the battery polling period which spiked the CPU usage and, thus, the apparent battery drain.

Now, if you actually only get 2 hours of usage out of your device, you'll have to go hunting for the rogue process or perhaps something is wrong with your battery.


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Note that the BatteryBar app says that the runtime is 4:33, which means that you're averaging just over 4.5 hours.