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SP4 4vs8 gb ram confusion


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hello guys. i am planning to buy SP4 but confused as to which version to get. this will be my first ever surface tablet so need little help here. basically i am confused about the 4 vs 8gb ram scenario ( will be buying i5 cpu version).
Now my activities on sp4 will consist strictly of browsing, youtube , watching 720/1080p movies , netflix/hulu and microsoft office. i WONT be doing any sort of rendering/editing or any other heavy duty stuff. so i was wondering will 4gigs be enough to fulfill my needs?

yes i know 8gigs version is more future proof but i probably will get new surface after 2 years and am a little short on money so will 4 gigs version suffice ?


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I have the SP3 4GB/128GB and it has always done the sort of tasks you're describing with power to spare. In fact, my Surface is doing so well I can't justify upgrading to the SP4, darn it. :D
You'll be fine with 4GB of RAM.


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I'm currently using 4.8GB of my 16GB with only Chrome, OneNote and Drawboard open. (Most of that is Chrome.) I knew that I would not want to use Edge or a lighter browser, so I opted for more RAM (and I do computations and other heavy stuff). My point is, you can definitely do what you want on 4GB of RAM, but you have to be conscious of using well behaved software.

Side note: I use the Great Suspender to suspend tabs that I'm not actively using. I just unsuspended 12 of those tabs and I'm now at 5.7GB. I should really use a different browser...