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SP4 - scanning on a network


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I have a desktop with W10 and a SP4 also with W10. I can use the printers connected to my desktop on the SP4 a HP laser and an Epson Photo printer but not the Epson scanner V370.
I installed the drivers from Epson but no way to detect the scanner on the SP4.
Is this normal...
I will appreciate advice
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I read your post several times and every time I read it I get more confused. Is the scanner on a wired or wireless network?

Assuming the scanner works on the desktop OK, are you trying to use the scanner direct or as a share from the desktop?

What app are you using on the desktop. If it's the same one you use on your SP4 what happened when you try using it?

Are you trying to scan from the computer or from the printer?

Thread moved to peripherals.
I am on a wireless network
I suppose that is as shared. But the printers under the same conditions are detected but the scanner on the surface pro not
I installed the same app on the surface pro as on the desktop. On the surface I receive a message that it can detect the scanner.
My printers are not with scanning posibilities so i am using it from the computer (the surface)
Is this scanner USB? Network Scanners tend to be stand alone as the TWAIN Protocols need to be direct and not transferred from a Host.
yes it´s connected via USB
your comment is clear but in the setting menu - devices- they speek of printers and scanners..
Thank you